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KA Hospitality Logo

KISHOR BAJAJ, Chairman and Managing Director

“KA Hospitality, is the food and beverage arm (Roti business) of the Badasaab group. The other businesses of the Badasaab group comprise of premium clothing (Kapda business) and construction of luxury service apartments (Makaan business).

KA Hospitality is the first Indian Company to bring Michelin starred restaurants to India, in a free standing format.

Meeting Ajay was a divine intervention, specifically at the time when KA needed to grow from being managed by the founder to being professionally managed. It required a professional management to manage the scale at which we wished to grow and to take organizational decisions and execute KA’s strategy accordingly.

Ajay began with interviewing thirteen people across the organization. The remarkable thing about these interviews was that he could gain their trust in a manner that they shared freely about the organization and the management. On listening to what these thirteen employees had to say, (in their own words, as Ajay had noted their views verbatim) I saw KA Hospitality and my own role in it, in a new light. I realized the changes I needed to make as the owner, founder and Chairman & Managing Director of KA Hospitality.

This resulted in key strategic decisions to move the organization towards a professional management by giving charge to an able and qualified CEO and restructuring of the organization. This brought in a surge of ownership and initiative among the management and employees in the organization.

Thereafter, KA Hospitality engaged Ajay for Leadership Development and a long term Organization Development initiative.

During the first phase of organization development from December 2012 to September 2013, lasting over 10 months, Ajay has been able to facilitate the following results for KA Hospitality.

1. Removing blind spots in leaders of KA, by creating the ecology of firm belief in the process of reflection and deep thinking.

2. Building an organization culture of ‘trust and empowerment’. This led to shift of our management style from being finance and control driven to operations and sales driven.

3. Transition of company’s communication style to ‘Adult to Adult’ applying the fundamentals of Transaction Analysis.

4.  Adherence to hierarchy protocol, respect for each person’s role, bringing role clarity and last but not the least – the necessity to give authority before seeking accountability.

5. Explaining the larger context of our organizational challenge of shifting from Entrepreneurial Management to Professional Management and the rigour and discipline required for this transition

6. Presenting the Organization Life Cycle concept and relating it to KA Hospitality’s current organizational growth stage and the need for transitioning to the next stage of organizational growth.

7.  Bringing to awareness management styles of senior leaders of KA Hospitality, and also demonstrating the importance of vital vitamins of the four management functions “P A E I” – Productivity, Administrating, Entrepreneuring and Integration.

8. Shifting the management focus from short term effectiveness and efficiency to long term effectiveness and efficiency, by initiating a process of monthly “E” Meetings among the management team.

9.  Review of financial statements and business plans to assess their impact on organizational growth and strategy. Facilitating a dialogue between the founder and the professional management for common understanding and better synergy on funding and expansion strategy.

Ajay has been actively involved in all aspects of the organizational change process, be it:

– Strategic decision making

– Organizational structuring

– Interviewing candidates for key management positions

– Initiating the setting up of systems and processes

– Leadership Development

– Team Building

– Cultivating a culture of trust and respect.

Ajay’s work is highly personalised to each organization’s context, holistic in its vision, evolves and adds value as it moves forward. It may seem unclear what one can expect at the start of the change process. However, having experienced Ajay closely as an organization change catalyst, in the past 10 months, I see clear value in his work approach.

Consulting provided by Ajay is organic in nature and hence cannot be sold or marketed and therefore it may be difficult to comprehend for anyone who has not experienced it.

The value that Ajay’s consulting provides to the organization and its leaders is immense. He is independent in his expression, neutral in his stance and is willing to take risk, by communicating “difficult realities” to people in power, for the sake of a greater common good.

 I feel fortunate to experience his work as organizational change consultant, in the past 10 months of building KA Hospitality. I look forward to taking this organization development initiative forward to further strengthen KA Hospitality.

Ajay’s contribution to KA has laid the foundation for scaling our operations for further expansion. It is difficult to capture in words his role in transitioning KA Hospitality towards professional management. I have highlighted the most significant contributions of Ajay in helping me and our leadership team in building KA Hospitality.

I strongly recommend Ajay, for his expertise in Organization Development Consulting services, to all organizations, particularly to family / founder owned organizations, which are looking to transition from being founder driven to being professionally managed.

Ajay is an organization change catalyst par excellence!”



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