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Mehul Desai, Chairman and Founder

“MOS came across Flow by chance and until then, we had not even thought about engaging a professional to help achieve certain goals. MOS is run single handedly with a core team that came together from different walks of life and groomed to work in a certain way. With the rapid progress that we experienced, newer talent was hired and it became evidently important to transition from a ‘one man show’ to a ‘professionally run’ set-up.

Flow was consulted with solely this challenge in mind – to make the core team and the new professional blood work cohesively and each independently bringing their strengths to the fore and using their own emotions and thought processes rather than blindly clutching for support.

Flow took a step by step approach and in that Ajay, Meena and Payal  met with many individuals at different levels in the organization, where they were simply scratching the surface to understand the ‘nature’ of the company and the people.  The next step was to synergize the energies of the top leadership tier to make the ‘goal’ even a possibility.  This tier was more extensively probed to gauge the intellect and ability to be instrumental in the ‘transition’.

Once the key leadership team was identified, Flow charted a casual off site workshop, which was very subtly structured. It was an open forum where each one was required to speak from the heart and not mind without fear of being judged, bearing consequences, also facing and accepting that each one is unique and capable of having an opinion! ‘Open communication’ and ‘connecting with one-self’ was the main premise that caused an emotional and mental churning.

The workshop infused freshness and empowerment that is visible even months later. The changes have trickled in a ‘top-down’ manner and what Flow has accomplished is a start of much needed efforts to enrich interpersonal rapport, understand accountability and decrease stress levels. Further, Flow has also conducted individual leadership coaching for a few key profiles.

Ajay and Payal’s approach was refreshing, not so ‘in your face’, rather casual and kept each one engaged. Their level of involvement and interest was seen through all tiers of the workforce and most importantly, they were fearless to point out what was not working irrespective of the hierarchy.

The health of an organization is completely dependent on the people and with Flow’s help, we now have awakened minds. A Flow ‘health-check’ is recommended to jump start organizations to move forward in the right direction.”


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Kate Currawalla, President

“The Maharashtra Dyslexia Association is a not-for-profit organization working for the last fifteen years to secure the rights of people with Special Learning Disability to an appropriate education within the mainstream. Over the years, the organization has grown exponentially to include around thirty professional and administrative staff spread over three service centres and consultants at outreach projects across Mumbai and beyond. A major concern, recently, was the general feeling that many of those who had joined the staff in recent years were not in tune with the philosophy of the founders and the commitment and team spirit that had existed earlier was diminished as a result. This was exacerbated by the exigencies of our work, which essentially requires professionals to work one-on-one with each of their students over long periods of time. With MDA evaluating how it could best meet the challenges of a rapidly changing education sector, we felt there was need to build better communication and cooperation amongst our team in order to re-establish the participative and co-operative structures that have, in the past, helped individuals grow along with the organization.

A fortuitous meeting with Payal Gupta and Ajay Kalra through the Bombay Hub lead us to believe we had found the kind of facilitators we could trust implicitly to achieve our goals. While our project is still a work in progress, the FLOW duo have already helped us at MDA to reassess roles within the top administration, to establish clear lines of open communication and delineate individual roles. Individual and group meetings with staff members across all centres and discipline have given a clearer idea of areas of staff interaction and roles definition in the secondary layer of administration that need to be addressed. Most importantly, the group sessions encouraged staff to voice their concerns and set the stage for more healthy discussions to sort out individual differences that now take place regularly, as individuals look within to re-evaluate their personal aspirations and understand better our organizational goals. We already see this new atmosphere of openness leading to better participation by staff members in group activities and organizational tasks even at this early stage, and look forward to continuing to work with Payal and Ajay in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development to fulfill, re-energize and restructure our organization to meet the ever-changing aspirations of our stakeholders.”

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