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Intuitive Writing Workshop

allowing the hidden to surface

Intuitive Writing is a one day workshop that will create a comfortable space for participants to allow expression from deepest (and hidden) pockets of their being. Using a variety of relaxation exercises and mediums of expressions it will facilitate participants to recognize their body wisdom and get in touch with their unexpressed feelings.

Intuitive Writing creates the possibility to:

* Create self-awareness

* Bring forth creativity

* Heal emotional wounds

* Relate authentically

* Play, share and laugh


Dates: November 11, 2012

Time: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Venue: Flat No. 11, Rewa Apartments, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai – 400 026

Cost: Rs. 1,000/- per participant including light refreshments and lunch

For Registration: Write to or call Chandran on 9820345931


“This was a very fruitful experience that has taught me the ability to focus and relax while writing. It was a great session and would like to partake in more to come!”

–  Rujuta Kothari

“Introspective experience! Also a very different take on creative writing  – more about looking inwards than outwards. Overall very enjoyable!”

– Zainab Kakal

“The workshop was wonderful! Beautiful setting and perfect environment to relax, let go, let thoughts flow without any structures or barriers. The loosening exercises babbling etc. really helped to let the thoughts flow and creative ideas come up. Overall good fun!”

–  Aishwarya Mehra

“Thank you Ajay for a rewarding day. As a facilitator you have patient, supportive and allowed each and every one of us a sacred yet fun space. I have learnt the importance of play, body work and deep relaxation to create focus in writing. Loved the workshop!”

–  Desiree’ Punwani

“Ajay helped me get in touch with my inner child, the creative, intuitive side of me that I had often ignored. He creates a space that is open and vibrant. Through a judicious mix of sharing, reflection, bodywork and art I learned to delve deeper into myself and rediscover my true passion.”

–  Faraaz Tanveer


Ajay Kalra

“I believe my greatest qualification is that I love what I do (or one could say I do what I love). Having qualified as a chartered accountant, it was a long and challenging journey to find my calling to facilitate meaningful relationships among people. I have the requisite qualifications of a certified coach and organizational development consultant, yet how I facilitate is not something I acquired through training. It is an organic process of using my naturalness as an instrument to facilitate awareness. I feel most alive when I facilitate.”

Ajay’s Profile  & Journey


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