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Mohua Banerjee, Head – Human resources

We are a joint venture between Bennett and Yogesh Radhakrishnan; it comprises a mixed group of employee’s. Where some of the employees have been transferred from Bennett and there are fresh hires from the relevant industry. Been a start-up we were looking for a platform where we could help each employee to identify themselves with the brand and have a sense of belonging to the brand, also since we had a mix set of people who have been part of Bennett for a long time and the once who have been hired in the recent past, the people in the team came from diverse culture and values. Our objective was to bring about cohesiveness in the team so they understand each others values, work style, and together work as a team with common objectives and values. We wanted our employees to understand who we are? Where are we heading?

 Flow provided us with the platform that we were looking for at that point of time. They had to design a process where people open up to each other and talk to each other and share their concerns their values  and together through the process identify with the Brand and come on the same page. The challenge here was how to get people talking to each other about themselves, about their feelings and express themselves without having a fear of been judged based on what they say in the open forum.

 Ajay and Payal first met up the Leadership of the Organisation individually and designed the workshop accordingly. It was decided that there would be a two day workshop, first for the Leadership of the Organization and we would then phase this out and have another workshop for all the employees of the Organisation.

 The workshop designed by Payal and Ajay was exactly like the name of their Organisation. It just flowed effortlessly where people started talking without any inhibitions and various questions came up which were answered within the team by the various process owners. The discussions took different routes and brought about different shades in the employee’s, they got to know each others emotional sides their likes, dislikes, preferences and values, touched upon various issues and concerns which maybe none of them would have brought up in their day to day work and interaction with each other at work place.

 The second day got further intense and we were gradually getting where we wanted to be. The Team Leads started connecting to the Brand Prime Connect as the brand they come from and they belong to rather than their past associations and slowly the discussions started transforming from Me ,I and then to We and US and what the employee’s together want for Prime Connect and where we together want to see Prime Connect.

 It was amazing to see how Payal and Ajay without being part of the Organization how  beautifully and actively got  involved in the discussion ,coming up with ideas and solutions to get us where we want to be. We felt they were part of the team and we were together striving towards achieving the common goal of bringing each and every Team Lead of the Organisation on the same platform.

 The two days’ workshop brought about cohesiveness among the leaders and we are looking forward to extending the workshop into the second phase where each and every employee of the Organisation identifies with the Brand and works with same set of values and beliefs and Corporate Ethos.”


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Mehul Desai, Chairman and Founder

“MOS came across Flow by chance and until then, we had not even thought about engaging a professional to help achieve certain goals. MOS is run single handedly with a core team that came together from different walks of life and groomed to work in a certain way. With the rapid progress that we experienced, newer talent was hired and it became evidently important to transition from a ‘one man show’ to a ‘professionally run’ set-up.

Flow was consulted with solely this challenge in mind – to make the core team and the new professional blood work cohesively and each independently bringing their strengths to the fore and using their own emotions and thought processes rather than blindly clutching for support.

Flow took a step by step approach and in that Ajay, Meena and Payal  met with many individuals at different levels in the organization, where they were simply scratching the surface to understand the ‘nature’ of the company and the people.  The next step was to synergize the energies of the top leadership tier to make the ‘goal’ even a possibility.  This tier was more extensively probed to gauge the intellect and ability to be instrumental in the ‘transition’.

Once the key leadership team was identified, Flow charted a casual off site workshop, which was very subtly structured. It was an open forum where each one was required to speak from the heart and not mind without fear of being judged, bearing consequences, also facing and accepting that each one is unique and capable of having an opinion! ‘Open communication’ and ‘connecting with one-self’ was the main premise that caused an emotional and mental churning.

The workshop infused freshness and empowerment that is visible even months later. The changes have trickled in a ‘top-down’ manner and what Flow has accomplished is a start of much needed efforts to enrich interpersonal rapport, understand accountability and decrease stress levels. Further, Flow has also conducted individual leadership coaching for a few key profiles.

Ajay and Payal’s approach was refreshing, not so ‘in your face’, rather casual and kept each one engaged. Their level of involvement and interest was seen through all tiers of the workforce and most importantly, they were fearless to point out what was not working irrespective of the hierarchy.

The health of an organization is completely dependent on the people and with Flow’s help, we now have awakened minds. A Flow ‘health-check’ is recommended to jump start organizations to move forward in the right direction.”

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