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The Freedom To Be

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I am the heartbeat of a newly born.

I am the stillness of deadly mourn.

I am the fullness of the silver moon.

I am the radiance of the sun at noon.

I am the caress of gentle dewdrop.

I am the warmth of winter crop.


I am the thirst of a loving touch.

I am the dependence of an emotional crutch.

I am fear. I am anger. I am hate.

I am guilt, remorse and shame.

I am the churn. Broken and torn.

I am the calm after the storm.


I receive. I give.

I am neither receiver or giver.

I am homeless.

I am always home.

I am this moment.

I am the thought of it.

I am the question.

I am the answer.


I Am.



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